Our representatives need to hear from you that you do not support making CFAC a permanent toxic waste dump. Please contact them and ask them to publicly oppose CFAC’s proposed waste-in-place plan and to request the EPA to fully evaluate the cost-benefits of removing the highly toxic waste so the site can be restored and redeveloped for beneficial use.

Columbia Falls City Council

Although the City has asked the EPA for a complete cleanup in the past, we need them to do so again strongly and visibly. Columbia Falls is the most immediately affected community, and the site is in their planning district, so the Council’s position matters. If you live in the Columbia Falls area, please reach out to Councilors individually or offer comment at an upcoming City Council meeting.

Flathead County Commissioners

The EPA’s decision depends, in part, on community acceptance. The county commissioners’ opposition to the waste-in-place plan is important because they represent all of Flathead County and the site falls within their jurisdiction.

Governor Gianforte

Governor Gianforte holds a pivotal role in expediting the cleanup of the Superfund site. His influence is essential in fostering collaboration with the EPA, urging timely remediation. Through active engagement, resource allocation, and support for community initiatives, the Governor can amplify the community’s voice, emphasizing the urgency of environmental safety and public health.

What to Say


“Hello, my name is [Your Name], and I’m a resident of [Your City]. I’m calling today regarding the Columbia Falls Aluminum Company (CFAC) Superfund site, and I would like to share my concerns about the proposed ‘Waste in Place’ plan.”

Focused Concerns

  • Opposition to the Plan:
    “I oppose the ‘Waste in Place’ plan for the former CFAC site because it would leave an estimated 1.2 million cubic yards of highly toxic contaminants, including cyanide, arsenic, and fluoride, buried on-site. This poses a severe threat to our drinking water and the Flathead River.”

  • Concerns about Access Restrictions:
    “The proposed plan for the former CFAC site would effectively transform the former mill into a toxic waste dump, limiting community access indefinitely. It’s alarming that CFAC has yet to conduct a thorough analysis of a complete cleanup, despite consistent calls from the community to do so.”

  • Importance of Full Cleanup:
    “Fully removing these toxins is necessary to protect clean water, community health, and to allow for future economic development. I urge [Official’s Name] to take a stand against CFAC’s ‘Waste in Place’ plan and advocate for a cleanup that prioritizes the safety and prosperity of Columbia Falls and the greater Flathead Valley.”

Keep it courteous.

Please keep in mind when engaging with our elected representatives that kindness and respect engender far greater receptivity than rudeness or anger. Thank you!