Write a Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor of local papers are a powerful and effective way to capture the attention of decision makers and fellow citizens. Letters keep the issue in the public eye and help demonstrate widespread opposition to the waste-in-place plan.

What to Write

Personalized letters are the most effective. Share why you oppose leaving the toxic waste on site, how it affects you, your family, or community, and the benefits of a complete cleanup. If you have a personal connection to the site, consider mentioning it. Some ideas to include, but rephrase in your own language:

  • CFAC’s “Waste in Place” plan would leave estimated 1.2 million cubic yards of highly toxic contaminants, including cyanide, arsenic, and fluoride buried on site where they could leach into drinking water or the Flathead River.

  • Under CFAC’s plan, the former aluminum plant would be a toxic waste dump, severely restricting future economic redevelopment and human use to the community forever.

  • CFAC never fully analyzed a complete clean-up, which would include removing the most toxic waste to an off-site certified hazardous waste facility, despite consistent calls from the community to do so. It’s time they did.

  • For nearly 20 years, toxic waste was removed from CFAC and shipped by rail to certified hazardous waste facilities out of state without incident. A similar method should be analyzed for removing the remaining toxic waste.

  • Fully removing the toxic is necessary to protect clean water and the health of the community, as well as to allow future economic development.

Remember to keep it brief.

Most papers limit you to 250 words maximum. Under 200 is ideal.

How to Submit