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To: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the MT Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)— I signed this petition to respectfully request that your agencies pause the decision-making process to fully and fairly evaluate the cost-benefits of removing (not leaving) the toxic waste at the CFAC Superfund site. No cost analysis was done by CFAC when they wrote the cleanup plan. CFAC simply dismissed this option as too costly, even though they acknowledged it would likely be a permanent and effective solution. We ask the EPA and DEQ to require an independent cost analysis be done to evaluate the permanence and long-term effectiveness of off-site removal. This is necessary to ensure the cleanup truly protects our water, our health, our community, and our economy. CFAC and ARCO, and early on Anaconda Co., made many millions of dollars operating this aluminum smelter from 1955-2009 and provided good jobs. But the citizens of the Flathead watershed shouldn’t be left with their toxic mess. The site must be fully cleaned up and restored for future beneficial uses.

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